So today we are going to examine How To Cheat DH 2014 for free bucks on ios or android devices, we will also find out if its possible to cheat dh 2014 app without jailbreaking or modifying your device.  Of course if you play the dh 2014 app then you know how important bucks are, without these you wont be able to upgrade your weapons or even buy new ones.  If you cant use free bucks to get weapons then you wont be able to move onto the next hunt and that could get pretty boring, this is why we are going to tell you How To Cheat DH 2014 to get unlimited free bucks and more in the app.  If you look on below you will notice a screenshot taken off a iphone 5 that is not jailbroken of dh 2014 unlimited bucks and gold in the app.

free bucks and gold screenshot dh 2014

You can easily follow the steps below and be on your way to free hunter bucks in the dh 2014 app, this is so cool and very helpful to get all the greatest weapons and upgrades.  Challenge your friends and show them who is boss with this unique bucks cheat in dh 2014 game, show off your skill and make them jealous.

DH 2014 Bucks Cheat Settings & Steps:

  1. Open the dh2014cheats.exe file
  2. Plug device with usb cable.
  3. Select which operating system and type of device.
  4. Check the settings, items you wish to cheat and amount.
  5. Choose security settings
  6. Click the start button, you may have to restart the app once prompted finished.

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